Advancing Value-Based Contracting - Proceedings from the AMCP Partnership Forum

Webinar Recorded on October 11, 2017 

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During the past decade, payment models for the delivery of health care have undergone a dramatic shift from focusing on volume to focusing on value. This shift in payment models is expanding beyond the delivery of health care services to encompass models of compensation between payers and biopharmaceutical manufacturers. Value-based contracts (VBCs) have emerged as a mechanism that payers may use to better align their contracting strategies with broader changes in the health care system. This webinar will summarize the proceedings from AMCP’s Partnership Forum that explored the VBC expansion. The webinar will describe the creation of a consensus definition and guiding principles for value-based contracts; strategies for evaluating, implementing and monitoring VBC’s, and recommendations for mitigating legal and regulatory barriers to VBCs.

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  • Robin Turpin, PhD
    Value Evidence Lead
  • Amy Duhig, PhD
    Vice President, Consulting Services