AMCP Foundation Annual Pharmacy & Therapeutics Competition

Pharmacy and Therapeutics Poster Competition Students 


The 2016 P&T Competition attracted 43 teams from AMCP Student Pharmacist Chapters nationwide. The four-member teams worked through a case study involving a drug product dossier based on the AMCP Format for Formulary Submissions. Using the available evidence, the teams at the local level presented their recommendations for formulary placement to a panel of judges representing a P&T committee. 

“These contests are central to our mission to support education and advance research,” said Paula J. Eichenbrenner, CAE, Executive Director of the AMCP Foundation. “Student pharmacists from across the country put a tremendous amount of time and effort into their presentations. These competitions allow us to recognize the best and brightest among them, while expanding the collective understanding of factors that affect patient care.”


“These annual competitions provide an excellent opportunity for up-and-coming pharmacists to hone a variety of skills essential to the practice of managed care pharmacy,” said Susan A. Cantrell, RPh, CAE, AMCP’s Chief Executive Officer and Chair of the AMCP Foundation Board of Trustees. “The winners here in San Francisco are among some of the brightest minds entering the field today. We are delighted to honor them with these awards, and look forward to watching their careers blossom.”


View the award recipients from the 2016 AMCP Foundation Annual National Student Pharmacist P&T Competition.  We look forward to your participation in the 2017 competition!


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The local and national competition is intended to give students an opportunity to hone a variety of skills including critical analysis, presentation and research skills. More importantly, the competition allows students to view different styles and processes that can be used in effective formulary management. It also provides exposure to, and a working knowledge of AMCP's Format for Formulary Submissions. Students will learn to develop and manage a formulary system through evaluating literature, conducting comparative studies, and making real life decisions based on cost-benefit analysis.

The National P&T Committee Competition Selection Committee will select the eight (8) finalist teams to participate in the National P&T Competition at the AMCP Annual Meeting & Showcase.

Each of the eight AMCP Student Chapter teams selected as finalists to compete in the National P&T Competition will receive a $4,000.00 team stipend.

Each of the three winning teams will receive a contribution to their school’s general scholarship fund in the following amounts (may vary by year): 


First place team - $4,000 

Second place team - $3,000 

Third place team - $2,000  


Formulary Management  

Formulary management is uniquely dynamic and requires extensive and timely pharmaceutical knowledge as well as an understanding of the medical community practice standards that exist within the health care system.  A Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee (P&T Committee) is ultimately responsible for developing, managing, updating, and administering the formulary system that is utilized by managed health care systems.

Pharmacists who serve on P&T Committees must know how to evaluate the best available scientific evidence, clinical and economic, weigh its use and its impact on patient population outcomes, be able to conduct cost/benefit analyses, and relate drug therapy choices to practice guidelines.  Development of these necessary formulary management skills will help managed health care systems achieve the challenging goals of improving the quality of patient care while controlling scarce healthcare resources.



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