The Pace of Change Is Accelerating: Staying on Top of Emerging Trends - Specialty Pharmaceuticals

Webinar Recorded on August 12, 2015 

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The AMCP Foundation in collaboration with Pfizer, Inc. presents the first webinar in an important 3-part series. Our speakers will not only identify the health care–related trends that will have the most impact in the years to come, but they will help you stay ahead of the cost curve in Specialty Pharmaceutical Spending and Utilization. This first presentation will provide insights on navigating the tight rope of Patient Cost Sharing, and explore how payers can address Value-Oriented Purchasing and Coverage.

Join us for an exploration of the forcing functions and the wildcards that can help push the health care system into new and perhaps unexpected directions.

Future webinars will address migration to new provider payment models and use of data analytics in patient are, among other trends.

Speakers for this Program: (click below to view their full bios) 

The document and webinars were developed by the AMCP Foundation and supported by Pfizer, Inc.