Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy (JMCP) Award for Excellence


The Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy (JMCP) Award for Excellence was established in 2002 to recognize an article that represents the best scholarly work in managed care pharmacy.


Articles considered for nomination must have been published in JMCP in the calendar year prior to the award presentation.


Each member of the JCMP Editorial Advisory Board may nominate one (1) or two (2) articles for consideration with justification for each nomination.  One article is selected.  Honorable Mentions may be given.


A 7-member panel of judges is convened each year that is comprised of three (3) members of the JMCP Editorial Advisory Board and four (4) JMCP Peer Reviewers who have contributed high-quality reviews.  The nominated articles are evaluated by the Judges Panel according to the following measures:

                        Impact on the profession or knowledge

                        Relevance to managed care pharmacy today

                        Scientific merit and sound methodology

                        Clarity of purpose and hypothesis

                        Writing quality and readability


The JMCP Award for Excellence is presented annually at the AMCP Annual Meeting & Expo.  The recipient(s) receive a plaque and expenses for one author to travel to receive the award.



For articles published in:

2002    Effects of a Tablet-Splitting Program in Patients Taking HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors: Analysis of Clinical Effects, Patient Satisfaction, Compliance and Cost Avoidance. Authors: Michael Gee, Noelle K. Hasson, Terri Jahn, and Russell Ryono.  Two Honorable Mentions were also given.

2003    Do Decision-Analytic Models Identify Cost-Effective Treatments? A Retrospective Look at Helicobacter Pylori Eradication. Authors: Kathleen A. Fariman and Brenda Motheral. Two Honorable Mentions were also given.

2004    Randomized Controlled Trial of a Dose Consolidation Program. Authors: Thomas Delate, Kathleen A. Fairman, Shell Carey, and Brenda Motherall.          

2005    Product-Line Extensions and Pricing Strategies of Brand-Name Drugs Facing Patent Expiration. Authors: Son Hee Hong, Marvin D. Shepherd, David Scoones, and Thomas T.H. Wan.  Two Honorable Mentions were also given.

2006    Analysis of the Effectiveness and Cost Benefit of Leukotriene Modifiers in Adults with Asthma in the Ohio Medicaid Population. Authors: Pamela Heaton, Jeff J. Guo, Richard W. Hornung, Joseph A. Johnston, Raymon Jang, Charles J. Moomaw, and Robert Cluxton all, except Johnston, are with University of Cincinnati. Johnston was with the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Two Honorable Mentions were also given.

2007    Comparison of Mail-Order with Community Pharmacy in Plan Sponsor Cost and Member Cost in Two Large Pharmacy Benefit Plans. Authors: Michael Johnsrud, Kenneth A. Lawson, and Marvin D. Shepherd. Two Honorable Mentions were also given.

2008    Rosiglitazone and Piolitazone Utilization from January 2007 through May 2009 Associated with Five Risk-Warning Events. Authors: Catherine I. Starner, Jeremy A. Schafer, and Patrick P. Gleason and Alan Heaton. One Honorable Mention was also given.

2009    Association of Prescription Abandonment with Cost Share for High-Cost Specialty Pharmacy.  Authors: Patrick P. Gleason, Catherine I. Starner, Brent Gundeson, and Jeremy Schafer.  One Honorable Mention was also given.

2010    Addition of Generic Medication Vouchers to a Pharmacist Academic Detailing Program: Effects on the Generic Dispensing Ratio in a Physician-Hospital Organization. Authors: Vinay Bhargava, Mark E. Greg, Mark C. Shields.

2011    Discontinuation Rates and Health Care Costs in Adult Patients Starting Generic Versus Brand SSRI or SNRI Antidepressants in Commercial Health Plans. Authors: Anna Vlahiotis, Scott T. Devine, Jeff Eichholz, Adam Kautzner.

2012    Evaluation of a program to improve diabetes care through intensified care management activities and diabetes medication copayment reduction. Authors: Stephen J. Kogut, Brian J. Quilliam, Scott Johnson, Tara Higgens.

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