Evaluating Payer Opinion versus Behavior for Better Decision Making

Webinar Recorded on May 31, 2017 

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The market is changing rapidly, whether you consider the changing political climate, therapeutic landscape or payer perspectives and requirements. Payers are faced with many challenges earlier in the formulary decision process. Research tells us that 85% of payers are starting their research up to 2 years or more in advance of product launch and much can and does happen during that time. Direct feedback and strategic insights lead to improved understanding of payer perspectives and ensure that pharmaceutical manufacturers can better inform market access strategies. Having appropriate payers to provide insights is key to getting the proper information to inform better decisions.

Specifically this webinar will review: 

  • The significance of the shifting landscape and the need for credible insights
  • Utilizing payer insights to make better informed market access decisions
  • Evaluating payer opinion versus behavior
  • Case study examples


  • Allen Lising, CEO, Dymaxium
  • Elizabeth Sampsel, Vice President, Payer Strategy and Relations, Dymaxium