Jump Start Your Pipeline Product Evaluations with New P&T Evidence on eDossier System

Webinar Recorded on September 7, 2016 

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The AMCP eDossier System has always supported health care decision makers (HCDMs) in their efforts to make efficient, effective formulary decisions. Recent surveys have indicated that the eDossier System saves the majority of users between 5 and 10+ hours for a product evaluation. This webinar will review new tools and content that further support HCDMs efforts, particularly as the need to review products earlier in the development cycle is now essential.

Specifically, this webinar will review:

  • New P&T Planner - to help timely product evaluation scheduling and planning
  • P&T WatchList - identification of key products for news and future review
  • P&T Prep Sheets - new pipeline products content to enhance your early stage reviews
  • P&T eMonographs - pre-populated content post-launch for ease of use and export


  • Allen Lising, CEO, Dymaxium
  • Warren Chin, CEO, Ilex Consulting
  • Heather Carwin, Clinical Pharmacist, Rocky Mountain Health Plans
  • Alan Pannier, Director of Clinical Services, Veridicus Health