Pipeline Products: Using the AMCP eDossier System’s New Features to Close the Information Gap Between Decision Makers and Manufacturers

Webinar Recorded on June 29, 2016 

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The evolving market access and reimbursement landscape includes many paradigm shifts; early payer product review and preparation, increasingly complex and expensive FDA drug approvals, and the recent proliferation of value assessment frameworks. How are health care decision makers adapting to this new reality? How can manufacturers ensure their products’ evidence is heard? The AMCP eDossier System @ FormularyDecisions.com(r) is uniquely positioned to tap into the perspectives and behaviors of 1400+ U.S. health care decision makers and over 20 manufacturer sponsors. Join us as we present research into pipeline timing and information requirements, attitudes towards the recent value frameworks and best practices that will help close the information gap.


  • Laurie Fazio, Senior Vice President, Market Access Technologies, Dymaxium
  • Iris Tam, PharmD, VP, Patient Access & Quality, Medical Affairs, Otonomy
  • Alex Almond, Senior Director, Business Development, Dymaxium