Formulary Decision Focus: Assessing a Product's Value and the Role of the Manufacturer's Dossier

Webinar Recorded on June 10, 2015 

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The objective of this webinar is to assist health care decision makers maximize the manufacturer’s product dossier as part of their decision process. This session will provide direct insights from the manufacturer’s perspective as to how to identify bias, how to maximize the information contained within the dossier and approaches to communicating with manufacturers to ensure timely access to the required content. Additionally, there will be feedback from payers regarding how they utilize dossiers, areas identified as most useful, and factors that potentially limit their use. Tips will be shared to expedite the request process, manufacturer communication and access to resources for greater productivity.

Part of a webinar series that will focus on the formulary decision process, workflow, tools and resources and ways to maximize productivity. It is open to both health care decision makers and manufacturers.


Jackie Gladman Director, Marketing and Sales, Dymaxium

Andrew Rosner, Survey Analytics and Insights Consulting, Dymaxium

Iris Tam, Director, Managed Care Medical Communications, Genentech, Member, Format Executive Committee, Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP)