Expanding Your Horizons: CER Continuing Education Certificate Program

Webinar Recorded on July 30, 2014  

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Every formulary decision maker needs to make the best possible decisions about specialty drug treatments.  For the long list of specialty pipeline drugs, the sovaldi situation is likely to be repeated:   little data but big ticket prices.  This makes it very important that you have adequate training in how to use and evaluate models, indirect treatment comparisons and observational research. 

  • Sean Karbowicz of OmedaRx will use discuss ICER and how the California Technology Assessment Panel used this methodology to arrive at its HCV recommendations. 
  • Lynn Nishida, Assistant VP with Solid Benefit Guidance, will discuss how her clients are moving into second generation decision making with the training provided by the CER Certificate program.

 NEW!  Wanting to get your CER Certificate but you’re unable to meet us in Boston?  Come to this webinar to hear about our new webinar-based option for your final certificate module 5.