JMCP Key Subjects

Editorial Policy and Author Attestations


The key areas that investigators must control for research to be considered potentially publishable in JMCP include:  

  • Study design  
  • Patient recruitment or patient selection (and inclusion/exclusion criteria)  
  • Data inclusion and exclusion  
  • Data interpretation  
  • Writing and revision of the manuscript  
  • Decision to publish (all) results   

Contractual or legal obligations with the sponsor that allow the sponsor to assert influence over a manuscript during its editorial review and publication, including the employment of 1 or more authors by the study sponsor, are permissible but must be disclosed.

Bias in research and in the publication of findings can be introduced from conflicts of interest arising from a multitude of sources, some of which may be subtle. In addition to the obvious conflict that can be introduced from employment, consultancies, stock ownership, honoraria, paid expert testimony, and free goods or services, bias can arise from friendships, family relationships, involvement in nonprofit organizations related to the topic of the manuscript, or academic competition. For a complete listing of required disclosures, please refer to the Principal Author Responsibility, Financial Disclosure, Copyright Transfer, and Acknowledgement form and the Coauthor Disclosure and Attestation of Manuscript Contribution form.


To manage potential bias, authors and reviewers, particularly expert reviewers, are required to make certain attestations and disclosures:   

1. disclose the existence of potential conflicts   

2. attest to the absence of certain potential conflicts   

3. describe the role of sponsors in study design, data acquisition, interpretation of data, writing and revising the manuscript, and in the decision to approve the final manuscript for publication   

4. author attestation to full access to all data and accountability for study findings and reporting   


Instructions for authors  

1. The principal author is the corresponding author and must complete the 4-page form, “Principal Author Responsibility, Financial Disclosure, Copyright Transfer, and Acknowledgement.” This author attestation form adheres to the guidance from the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) including complete and accurate disclosure of all“potential conflicts of interest.”   

2. Financial interests include consultancies, honoraria, lecture fees, stock ownership or options, payment for expert testimony, grants or patents received or pending, royalties for the past 3 years and the foreseeable future with any organization or entity with a commercial or other financial interest in the subject matter of this manuscript, including advisory boards, speakers’ bureaus, medical education companies, etc. These disclosures must also include (a) whether payment or support in kind was received for any aspect of the submitted manuscript including payment for writing or reviewing the manuscript or support in kind such as medical writing or administrative assistance, and (b) “interactions with ANY entity that could be considered broadly relevant to the work,” consistent with the ICMJE Uniform Disclosure Form for Potential Conflicts of Interest [available at:]   

3. Each listed coauthor must complete the 3-page form, “Coauthor Disclosure and Attestation of Manuscript Contribution.”   

4. Many articles involve research that may pose a threat to either patient safety or privacy. It is the responsibility of the principal author to ensure that the manuscript is submitted with either the result of review by the appropriate institutional review board (IRB) or a statement of why the research is exempt from IRB review – see JMCP Policy for Protecting Patient Safety and Privacy.  




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