Corizon Health

6002 Corporate Way
Indianapoli, IN 46278  

Kevin Trinh, PharmD
Medication Therapy Management Clinical Manager
The preceptor is licensed in Indiana and Arizona
Do you offer an APPE? 
Description of the Activities in which the Student Pharmacist will be Involved 
Corizon Health is the pioneer and foremost provider of correctional healthcare in the United States. We are a company built on more than 35 years of innovation and expertise in the industry to become the biggest and the best. Corizon Health offers future pharmacists a unique opportunity to learn and develop critical skills in a hands-on setting. Student pharmacists work directly with our qualified clinical pharmacists to develop projects and studies that aim to optimize patient’s clinical outcomes and cost saving initiatives. The interprofessional education development team at Corizon Health continuously identifies new treatment options, treatment guidelines, medication safety updates and education in-services to ensure the most up to date treatment recommendations/guidelines are being utilized to enhance patient outcomes. In addition, our preceptors provide transitional role support, enhance interpersonal skills and effective clinical learning environment for students within a collegial partnership.
APPE Length  
4 weeks
APPE Schedule  
If a student pharmacist is in a non-traditional PharmD program, is there any flexibility in how the time can be completed? 
Site Capacity 
When can you take student pharmacists for APPEs? 
Site can accommodate student pharmacists at anytime during the year.
Do you have any restrictions from where you will accept student pharmacists (if so, where?) 
Do you provide housing for student pharmacists on rotation? 
Are there any prerequisites the student pharmacist needs prior to the start of your rotation (e.g., fingerprint, background check, drug screen, immunization records, background readings, textbooks)?  
The pharmacy student will be contacted by the site preceptor 2 weeks prior to the rotation start date.
Does your organization require the school to sign an affiliation agreement? 
Do you offer an IPPE? 


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