The Pace of Change Is Accelerating: Staying on Top of Emerging Trends - Migration to New Provider Payment Methods


Webinar Recorded on September 2, 2015 

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The AMCP Foundation released the “Top 10 Emerging Health Care Trends: Implications for Patients, Providers, Payers and Pharmaceuticals” at the AMCP Nexus 2014. The Foundation has now developed a series of webinars discussing those top trends.

This webinar covers the migration to new provider payment models and will discuss the following:  

  • Fee-for-service (FFS) reimbursement declining trend 
  • Growth and performance of accountable care organizations (ACOs) 
  • Impact on health care deliver 
  • Shifting of financial risk 
  • Implications for pharmaceutical care 

Speakers for this Program: (click below to view their full bios) 

The document and webinars were developed by the AMCP Foundation and supported by Pfizer, Inc.