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    Pfizer Application Tips

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    Helpful Application Tips 


    •  Read FAQ’s and  Synthesis Essay Resources before beginning the application. 
    •  Follow application instructions. 
    •  Make sure letters of recommendation and good academic standing are addressed to the correct internship program. 
    •  All letters of good academic standing must include your cumulative GPA
    •  Request letters of recommendation EARLY.
    •  Do not send cover letters. 
    •  Be clear and concise in your answers and avoid unnecessary verbiage. 
    •  Answer EVERY question. Indicate “N/A”, if not applicable. 
    •  Read aloud what you have written. This will help you catch errors of spelling, punctuation and meaning. 
    •  Ask someone to review your application. Have him/her point out errors or content that is unclear. 
    •  Do not plagiarize. Content of the application may be subject to a plagiarism check. 
    If you need help  or have questions, please email AMCP Foundation. 

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