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Would you like to help groom the next generation of managed care leaders? Consider serving as a judge for the AMCP Foundation 18th Annual National Student Pharmacist P&T Competition!



Judges are asked to: 

  • Meet all deadlines as identified by the competition.
  • Review the guidelines and case study thoroughly.
  • Become familiar with the competition drug, therapeutic area, and manufacturer dossier.
  • Review and evaluate written materials submitted by winning teams from AMCP Student Pharmacist Chapters (eDossier evaluation, P&T Committee monograph, and PowerPoint presentation).
  • Score materials based on criteria and rubrics provided by the AMCP Foundation.
  • Remain objective towards team submission, without bias towards any particular team.


 Judging Semifinals 

  • Written materials submitted by winning teams from AMCP Student Chapter are divided up and assigned to semifinal judges for scoring.
  • The top 8 teams are selected based on top overall scores of submitted materials.
  • Time frame: February - March 2018.
  • Estimated time commitment: Minimum 10-12 hours.


Judging National Finals On-site (Before and During the AMCP Annual Meeting in Boston) 

  • All judges for the national finals review, evaluate, and score the written materials submitted by the top 8 finalist teams prior to the onsite presentations at the AMCP Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy Annual Meeting.
  • Onsite presentations are scheduled on a single day during the Annual Meeting.
  • Time frame for evaluating written materials is two weeks.
  • Judges must be available all day on competition day.
  • Estimated time commitment: Minimum 8-12 hours.


Desired Skills/Characteristics for Judges 

  • Experience in managed care pharmacy industry.
  • Familiarity with P&T process at health plans and/or PBMs.
  • Exceptional drug information experience.
  • Familiarity and experience with economic models.


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Volunteers will be notified in January with additional information regarding deadlines and guidelines. 



Learn more about the AMCP Foundation National Annual P&T Competition 


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