Bio - Emery Dupuis

Emery Dupuis 

Emery Dupuis

Emery has more than 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.  As president and chief executive officer of Emron, Emery works with the major pharmaceutical companies in developing managed health care strategies, tactics, and programs that meet the needs of both pharmacy and medical directors at the leading managed care plans. In addition to a broad knowledge of various clinical areas, Emery's expertise extends to many cost-sensitive markets including managed care, specialty pharmacy, hospitals, long-term care, teaching institutions, employer and government payers, advanced physician groups, and other stakeholders in the health care delivery marketplace.

Emery helped found the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy and was part of the management team during the first 5 years of the Academy's existence.  As an honorary member, he remains active today in the Academy and has developed long-term relationships and contacts with many stakeholders in the managed care market.

Prior to reacquiring Emron and managing it as a private entity in 2000, Emery served as executive vice president of IMS Health as part of the company’s acquisition of Emron, assisting in the development of many of the managed care offerings and audits. As executive vice president at Health Learning Systems, he developed major learning programs for physicians and other health care professionals and founded and managed the Clinical Experience System subsidiary.  Emery began his career at Hoffman-La Roche, where he held various positions in sales and marketing, from sales representative to group product management. 

Emery attended Widener University, where he earned a BS in Pre-Medical and an MBA in Management.  In addition to memberships in several local civic organizations, he has held local school board office and managed a youth organization for more than 10 years.

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