Fellow (FAMCP) Program


The AMCP Fellow Program is established for the benefit of all AMCP members and is intended to serve the following purposes: 1) To grant recognition for exceptional contributions to the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy, long-term commitment, and active participation; 2) To recognize sustained excellence in the pharmacy profession; and 3) To promote awareness throughout the medical community of pharmacists who have distinguished themselves in the profession of managed care pharmacy.


The candidate must:

  • Have been an active Pharmacist member of AMCP for eight years and demonstrated sustained service to the organization. 
  • Be a member in good standing.
  • Have served as a Committee Member or AMCP Elected officer one completed term
  • Have presented at an AMCP educational program or an AMCP national conference as an invited or accepted speaker in a platform presentation, round table discussion, poster presentation, or partnership briefing.  Note:  Speaking at a Satellite Symposium will not be considered.

Members of the FAMCP Selection Committee or the Board of Directors at the time of their term in office are not eligible to apply for Fellow status.


Candidates must complete the Fellow application which assists in demonstrating their service to the profession and AMCP.  Three references that attest to the candidate’s contributions to AMCP and the practice of the managed care pharmacy profession are required.  Candidates also have the option of submitting a 500 word essay.  

It is permissible for an individual to submit an application on behalf of a colleague.


The recipient(s) are selected by the FAMCP Selection Committee comprised of one AMCP Board member and six AMCP Fellow recipients.

In the event the FAMCP Selection Committee fails to grant Fellow status to a candidate, the individual may appeal the decision of the Committee to an Appeal Board on the grounds that the decision of the Committee was arbitrary, prejudiced, biased or capricious.  Candidates must notify the Senior Director, Member Engagement & Publications in writing and clearly state on what grounds the appeal is being made based on the data in the application.  The applicant may not introduce new facts or expand the application before the Appeal Board hearing.

Upon the receipt of an appeal, an Appeal Board will be formed with the approval of the Officers of the AMCP Board of Directors.  The Appeal Board shall consist of one member of the AMCP Board of Directors and two current Fellows, neither who were on the original FAMCP Selection Committee.  One Fellow shall be named by the applicant and one by the AMCP President.   Members of the Appeal board will make the decision on the appeal within 90 days of the appeal.    The decision of the Appeal Board shall be final and binding on both the appellant and AMCP.


The Fellow of the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (FAMCP) will be conferred on approved candidates at the AMCP Annual Meeting.  Fellows receive a plaque, complimentary registration, a FAMCP pin and can use FAMCP as a credential as long as they are an AMCP member in good standing.    


2019   Ami Gopalan
         Dana McCormick
    Carly Rodriquez
2018        Sherry Andes
    Iris Tam
    Lynn Nishida
2017   Peter Lee
    Vinson C. Lee
2016   Douglas Burgoyne
    Patrick Gleason
    Laurie Wesolowicz
2015   Mitzi Wasik
2014   Steven G. Avey
    Diana I. Brixner
    Babette S. Edgar
    William K. Fleming
    Matthew P. Mitchell
2013   Daniel C. Malone
2010   Richard A. Zabinski
2009   Dianne A. Kane Parker
2008   Cynthia J. Pigg
    H. Eric Cannon
2007   Rusty Hailey
    C.E. (Gene) Reeder
2006   Bruce B. Fallik
2005   Shawn Burke
2004   Jean Brown
    Kjel A. Johnson
    John D. Jones
    Jay M. Messeroff
2003   Diane Giaquinta
    Darlene Mednick
    Ken Schafermeyer
    Lowell T. Sterler
2002   Perry Cohen
    Carey Cotterell
    Michael Dillon
    Craig Stern
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