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    Accountable Care Organization: Defining the Role Medication Management Practices and Pharmacists

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    The AMCP Special Projects Sub-Committee developed this resource guide to document and explore medication management practices of pharmacists in Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). The resource guide also identifies additional methods that involve managed care pharmacists and/or other managed care practitioners within a patient-centered medical home concept. Lastly, the guide provides resources to clarify the differences between PCMH and ACO concepts that will establish a base-line concept of each resource market segment outlined above.

    Below is a compilation of related electronic resources about ACOs for AMCP members. Each resource is tagged with the below topic areas:

    General Overview Notes: 
         AMCP - ACO Project Follow Up

         AMCP Special Projects Committee, January 2014 

    Role of Pharmacy Management in ACOs
         Environmental Assessment Study
         Hobart Innovations, June 2014 

    Accountable Care Organization Framework for Pharmaceuticals: 
         NPC: ACO Framework for Pharmaceuticals

         National Pharmaceutical Council, May 2013 

    ACO Whitepaper: 
         Xcenda: The Drive to High-Value Health: Are ACOs the Answer?

         Xcenda, 2013 

    ACO Payment/Contracting: 
         Accountable Care: Growth in Payment and Delivery Reform

         Leavitt Partners, January 2013 

         ACA: An in-depth look at six cost containment programs
         University of Michigan & Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, May 2014 

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