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The following resources are provided to help applicants with their synthesis essay portion of the AMCP Foundation/Pfizer, Inc. Summer Internship application.  


Synthesis Essay 

“Specialty medications covered under the medical benefit continue to be costly, in part due to the physical locale the drug is administered (e.g Doctors office, hospital outpatient clinic, home health) and WHOM oversees administration.  In managed care pharmacy the additional consideration of location where a drug is administered contributes to the overall drug cost because the locations (e.g. doctor’s office, hospital or patient’s home) are associated with different costs.  This concept is called “site of care”.  You have been provided with preliminary references below,  however further research into current management concepts/trends for “Site of Care” will be required. 


You are the Pharmacy Director assigned responsibility for managing drugs covered under the medical benefit of your health plan. Select one medication of your choice, in which you would apply “site of care” management principles.  Create a proposal for how you recommend managing this medication to include site of care.  Be sure to include goals and objectives for your management proposal. 


Your proposal must have an executive summary of no more than 250 words, followed by a statement of goals and objectives for your management program. The OUTLINE of your program should be structured in 3 to 5 bullets with no more than 5 sub-bullets for each.  ( **Please no doctoral dissertations – the judges will not read it. Be brief and to the point. ) 

Provide references for your work.  


Here are a few references to help you start your literature search: 


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